Videos of Flooding in Milan, Italy

Anti-Berlusconi protest in Milan, Italy

It bucketed it down last night here in Milan, Italy. The rain was literally noisy, thought at around one in the morning not that many people would have heard it. Then again, maybe it woke a few people up. When the rain attempts to deposit the contents of nearby Lake Como and Lake Maggiore on … [Read more...]

The Uber Troubles of Milan’s Cabbies


Times are tough for Milan's taxi drivers. In recent years Milan's taxi service has faced increasing competition from more efficient and much cheaper public transport, short term car hire services, and even bicycle hire. Then Uber appeared on the scene and, as in other parts of the world, war broke … [Read more...]

Parachutist Lands in Central Milan

Today, at the crack of dawn, a young parachutist landed in Milan's central Piazza Duomo. It is believed, though has not been confirmed, that the man leaped off Milan's Duomo cathedral. After landing, police, who are often present in the piazza, say the man unhitched his parachute and ran to … [Read more...]

Pink Spring Blossoms in Milan

Spring Blossoms in Milan Italy

Springtime in Milan, Italy is a time of stunning pink flower blossoms, as I think the photographs here I took this Sunday in early April show. Aside from running great distances, people were even eating outside today. It was not that warm initially, but then it warmed up - leaving me with a sun … [Read more...]