Parachutist Lands in Central Milan

Today, at the crack of dawn, a young parachutist landed in Milan's central Piazza Duomo. It is believed, though has not been confirmed, that the man leaped off Milan's Duomo cathedral. After landing, police, who are often present in the piazza, say the man unhitched his parachute and ran to … [Read more...]

Pink Spring Blossoms in Milan

Spring Blossoms in Milan Italy

Springtime in Milan, Italy is a time of stunning pink flower blossoms, as I think the photographs here I took this Sunday in early April show. Aside from running great distances, people were even eating outside today. It was not that warm initially, but then it warmed up - leaving me with a sun … [Read more...]

Topless Girl Sunbathing in Milan

While out in Milan's Sempione park today, I espied a topless girl sunbathing and photographed her seeing as I had my camera with me and on it was a 300mm lens. I could not resist playing paparazzi for a moment, so here is the photograph of said topless girl. As you will no doubt note, the … [Read more...]

Fatal Shooting in Central Milan

Yesterday evening, an execution-style killing in central Milan by scooter bound assassins left a 43 year old man and his companion dead. The couple's one year old daughter survived the attack during which the masked killers exploded seven shots according to reports in various Italian … [Read more...]

Milan is Not Beating Its Smog Problem

Milan is Still Suffering from Smog Problems

Despite the introduction of the new Area C congestion charge system to replace the former and more limited pollution charging scheme, the city of Milan in Italy is still not winning the battle against smog. Pollution levels in the city remain high and have exceeded European limits by four times … [Read more...]