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Showing Off Italy’s Piazzas by Video

Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Italy

Someone drew my attention to a video showing off Italy’s lovely piazzas via Twitter. I watched it and I liked it a lot and the music which accompanies it is great too, well I think so.

Long ago I was a trumpet player, so I’ll admit to a bit of bias.

Trumpet? Piazza? Watch the video!

“Piazze d’Italia – 180” – Made in Italy

How many of the piazzas can you name?


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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

For some inexplicable reason the video description information has disappeared from YouTube. From memory, the video came about as the result of a competition to find a short film to help promote the delights of Italy. I’ve no idea who made the video, nor did I know who the trumpet player was, though I do now.

Thanks to reader Craig B Parker, I have learned that the trumpeter is none other than Sardinian-born Paolo Fresu who Mr Parker rates as one of the greatest jazz musicians ever to come from Italy. High praise indeed. Mr Parker added that the music might be from Fresu’s 2000 album, “Things Left Behind,” which has a composition titled “Piazza d’Italia a Giorgio de Chirico.”. From Fresu’s site, the “Things Left Behind,” album came out in 1998 – although that may have been the release date in Italy. Worldwide release may have been later. This may help if you want to track down the album.

Another Italy Video

Here’s a another lovely video made by an independent video maker to show off Milan and in my humble it achieves what it sets out to do very well indeed: Capturing the Heart and Soul of Milan on Film

More videos like this need to be made, regularly. Get to it, Italy!

Actually, it wouldn’t a bad idea for Italy to hold an annual competitor to find the best Italy video. Entrants could each be assigned an individual Italian region to help give some of Italy’s lesser known corners more visibility.

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