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Where to Go Shopping in Milan – An Interactive Map

Milan's Duomo Cathedral

If you want to know where to go shopping in Milan, Italy, this handy map is for you.

Whether you are new to the city or are just visiting, this interactive map will help you find Milan’s main shopping areas. I’ve lived in Milan for many years, so I’ve used my local knowledge to put this shopping area map together.

Use the map to plan your shopping trips in Milan more effectively and not miss out on the areas of this Italian city with the best shops. Milan has lots and lots of lovely shops, some of which are pure works of art. Visiting other shops can be going back in time to the 1950s, or earlier. Milan is well worth a Christmas shopping trip.

Other good times to shop in Milan are the post Christmas sales and the pre-summer sales in July. Lots of bargains can be had during sale time in Milan.

Shopping in Milan? If so, you'll find lots of interesting shops like this one
Shopping in Milan? If so, you’ll find lots of interesting shops like this one
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As you will soon see, Milan’s shopping areas are spread out all over the city. There are 19 areas on the Milan map so far. Others will be added and suggestions are welcome too. Getting around Milan is not hard. You can use the underground system or use surface transport such as the trams. Taxis and Uber are available too.

As well as the famous shopping streets such as Via Montenapoleone and the upmarket Via della Spiga, there are lots more zones to go shopping in Milan. They’ll and offer you plenty of opportunities to give your credit cards a workout. By the way, take some cash on your Milan shopping spree. Not all shops are geared up to take credit and debit cards.

The Shopping in Milan Map

Click on one of the 19 areas highlighted on the Milan map below to find out more. Use the “+” and “-” buttons to zoom in and out. Remember that you can use Google Street View to explore. To do this, simply drag the little yellow man to the area that interests you.

[mappress mapid=”12″ initialOpenInfo=”12″]

Over time, the names of interesting shops will be added. Shopping in Milan should be a little easier with this map. And don’t forget to explore surrounding side streets.

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