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Will Volkswagen Buy Alfa Romeo?

While browsing though the Italian Corriere della Sera newspaper the other day, I came across a brief article on Volkswagen taking an  interest in Italian car brand Alfa Romeo.

Apparently, Volkswagen would quite like to snap up Alfa Romeo.

Alfa fans would probably be sad to see Alfa become German, but they may well be happier if Volkswagen revives what could be Italy’s most underexploited car brand.

Alfa Romeo used to make quite an extensive range of rather attractive models, such as the lovely Brera.  Today it is down to a paltry two – the mini-sized Mito and the sporty Ford Focus equivalent, the Giulietta.

There are some interesting new Alfa models waiting in the wings but why won’t be launched until at least 2013, and whether or not  they ever do see the light of an Italian day is open to question in light of what’s happening at Fiat.

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At least Volkswagen is likely to give Alfa Romeo more tender loving care than Fiat and, hopefully, rejuvenate the brand.  While I could be wrong, I suspect dynamic young Chinese and Brazilians would love Alfa Romeos.  I’m imagine VW thinks the same.

It’s a shame Fiat could not brush up Alfa’s image sooner, but then Italians don’t seem to appreciate what Italy offers anywhere near as much as non-Italians.  Or am I wrong?  I do not think so.

By the way, Volkswagen’s Audi arm already runs legendary Italian motorcycle maker Ducati and it also makes another iconic Italian car – the Lamborghini.

Soon all Italy will be making car-wise will be funny little 50cc mini-cars things for kids.

How the mighty are falling.

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