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Explore Milan’s Architecture with this Book

An example of Milan's architecture - The red topped UniCredit Tower

I had some time to kill this evening while I was in downtown Milan so I browsed the books in the Hoepli book store. I came across an interesting little book on Milan’s architecture: Milan Architecture Guide 1945-2015 – which you can find in Kindle and normal book form on Amazon.

There are plenty of buildings to take a look at in Milan. This book will give you some interesting background on them. It also includes information about Milan’s more recent skyscrapers such as the impressive UniCredit tower.

An example of Milan's architecture - The red topped UniCredit Tower
Milan’s architecture – The red topped UniCredit Tower

The view from this tower, I’ve been up to the 21st floor — there are 30 floors — is fascinating. From the UniCredit tower, the intriguing vertical forest apartment buildings can also been seen.

Then there’s the Lombardy council building. There are plenty more buildings worthy of interest as you will discover if you get the book. Indeed, there’s a whole host of interesting buildings in Milan. A few will no doubt catch your eye if you are in Milan on vacation or live and work here. In which case, the Milan Architecture Guide will prove very interesting.

A Map of Milan’s Architecture

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By the way, to explore Milan’s architecture, you could try using a map of architectural walks which can be found in the Hoepli book store in Milan.

As for the many interesting buildings which were constructed before 1945, there’s this book: Milan: Architectural Guide – the problem is that the book does not indicate which periods of Milan’s architectural history it covers. A pity. To find a better book, a trip to the Hoepli book store would be a good idea. You’ll find books in Italian and English on Milan’s architecture on the store’s 3rd floor.

If you’d like to know more about Milan’s architecture, then you should find this book interesting. It does not show building beyond 2015, but that might change and if it does, I’ll update this post.

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