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The Techno-Fashion Victims – Iphones and Blackberries

The lasted craze amongst the better heeled Milanese is the iPhone. This technological jewel and ultimate expression of cool has only just become available in Italy, semi-officially. A Vodafone shop near us has a few of the things in stock.

However, what the ingenious Italians have been doing is bringing these toys back from the US. Then they have been hacking and cracking the things so they can be used on Italy’s mobile phone networks.  I see the things everywhere. My other half wants one too, and guess what? Yes, she knows someone who heads Stateside quite often. Joe, could you do me a favour??!!

The in-crowd has certainly decided that the iPhone is in. Big time!

On the other hand, those who regard the iPhone as being a bit too trivial (or heavy), and who wish to give the impression that they are switched-on fully connected professionals, go for the mobile phone/always on email manager made by Blackberry.

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Blackberry’s are all over the place too. Just the thing for ensuring that you get those all important Hotmail messages as soon as they are written.

I have no doubt at all that there will be a few Italians who have the best of both worlds – an iPhone and a Blackberry.

Funny thing is, that although many here love to have the latest and greatest, all singing (ringing!!) and dancing mobile phone, most people only actually use these fully featured multi-function devices for simply making phone calls.

Enter the techno-fashion victims.

Italy – Armani, Versace, Dolce e Gabbana, Blackberry and iPhone.

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