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The ‘Made in Italy’ talks, Design Museum, London

Alessi Juicer

This series of talks is focused on how modern Italian design and the skills of craftsmen and industry influence our perception of style and function. Sponsored by Peroni, the talks are held throughout the UK – Brighton, Glasgow and London – and will be attended by some of the leading figures from the design industry.

The event brings together a collection of designers who have worked for some of the biggest names in Italian design such as Alessi, Boffi, Cappellini, Cassina, Driade, Kartell and Zanotta. Highlights include discussions on the Italian industrial design across a range of disciplines and input from such revered designers as Mario Bellini, Fabio Novembre, and Ross Lovegrove. In Brighton, Design Museum Director Deyan Sudjic together with Dale Harrow and Andrew Nahum will look at the design process behind the making of the car and analyse how companies such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, FIAT and Maserati have developed their brands.

Featured in the talks will be the city of Milan.

Spotlight on Milan

The spotlight will be on the city of Milan at the Glasgow talks with curator Daniel Charny leading the discussions alongside Fabio Novembre and Joseph Grima exploring how the city promotes new Italian design through events such as the 
annual Salone de Mobile. The event concludes back in London at The Design Museum with a review of the last five years of Italian design and a look towards 
the future – where is Italian design heading next? A panel compromising of designers such as Piero Lissoni, Ross Lovegrove, Mario Bellini and James Irvine look at current trends and try to anticipate what the future holds.

Distinguished Figures of the Design World

The event offers audiences a fantastic opportunity to learn from distinguished figures of the design world. Whilst focusing on Italian design, the talks also look at how designers working on an international scale are able to take the values and disciplines of Italian design and implement them throughout projects outside Italy from product design to architecture. Although the designer may take the credit for the finished article, it is interesting to see designers such as Piero Lissoni emphasize that a successful project is not down to just the designer but also the people behind the scenes such as the craftsmen, production facilities and the factories involved.

Designer and Manufacturer Relationship

The relationship between the designer and manufacturer is as relevant today as it has been throughout the progression of Italian design and during it’s most famous stages when experimentation with new materials led Italy to become a powerhouse in design and establish a Italian design’s reputation for simplicity, quality, and innovation. The importance of this relationship is acknowledged by all the designers at the talks. Certain projects are offered as examples to help understand how the knowledge of a craftsman can make an initial idea into a successful design concept. For lovers of Italian design these talks give a great insight into the roles played behind the scenes and the development of basic drawings into the finished product.

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Made in Italy Talks sponsored by Peroni

The Design Museum, London.

About Paolo Feroleto

Paolo Feroleto
Paolo Feroleto

Having a genuine passion for Italian design and design in general, Paolo Feroleto is a designer of Italian origins with over 13 years industry experience obtained from working in mixed discipline studios in the UK and abroad.

Paolo has worked with a range of clients – from small independent retailers, to large blue chip companies, both in the UK and Europe. His projects have included building corporate identity, designing literature, creating stands for exhibitions, as well as devising graphics for retail outlets and websites. Here are some examples from the interiors section of his portfolio: Four Design – Interiors

Paolo also teaches Graphic Design on a part-time basis and has developed creative workshops for use in education and professional environments.

Currently based in the UK, Paolo like to spend his time travelling as much as possible. You can reach Paolo though his company, Four Design.

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