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The big meeting – My son

Well, we had the ‘big meeting’, only it was not that big and it lasted around half an hour including an endoscopic examination of my son’s nose, which revealed that all was OK.

Two specialists and one head of department and a couple of stray doctors were there to observe.  The scans were examined and it was concluded that our little one was too little to operate on and that the mass that had shown up on the scan was most likely just mucus.  I did ask about the possibility of the mass being a tumour, but was told that this was unlikely as the experts who had looked at the scan would have been able to recognize a tumour.  It was decided to keep little one on antibiotics for the indefinite future and to keep scanning every so often to ensure that the mass was not getting bigger.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Am I happy?  Well, sort of.  I’m not too happy about regular antibiotics and, after speaking to an old family friend who is a retired doctor, I’m not sure that the antibiotics are going to have much effect, apart from maybe keeping bugs at bay.  The possibility of inflammation was discounted.  So that was that.  It has to be said that outwardly, our little one seems to be very healthy and is growing at a pace.

The other one who does not seem too convinced is our wee one’s mum.  She has not said much, but I can tell that she is still very worried.  Mums are expert worriers, my own mum is a champion at this, and I know she is not alone.  Until you have children I don’t think you realise just how attached physically and emotionally mums are to their offspring.

I’m remaining optimistic, mainly because of my son’s general excellent health.  We shall see.  Only time will tell.

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