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Sparks Flying in Milan – Moratti v Sgarbi

Vittorio Sgarbi, an irascible art critic with political ambitions, has had a big falling out with Milan’s Mayor, Letitizia Moratti. Moratti actually fired Sgarbi from his position as Milan’s chief cultural advisor.

Apparently, its basically a case of ‘respect’ or rather a lack of it on Sgarbi’s behalf. At least that what Morati is making out.

Sgarbi has come over all offended and hurt.

However, knowing a little about the Sgarbi character, and his character, it comes as no surprise that he should have fallen out with someone. Again.

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Sgarbi, who when not shouting and screaming or becoming all agitated, certainly gives the impression that he knows his art stuff. However, it has to be said that the guy seems to have a talent for, if not stirring up trouble, being aggressive enough to provoke confrontations.

I’ve seen a Sgarbi outburst or two, and it certainly looks as though he is often two steps away from violence. There are a quite few examples of Sgarbi’s legendary, in Italy, irascibility on You Tube too. Here’s a link to one:

Sgarbi at his best

I shall be writing something on Italian’s in an attempt to understand their lust for status and power shortly. The Sgarbi/Moratti spat is yet another good example of this integral aspect of Italian culture.

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