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Donald Trump, Silvio Berlusconi. National Security Risks?

Way back in 2010, I wrote about Silvio Berlusconi’s predilection for bunga bunga and ladies of the night posing a potential national security risk for Italy – see no. 11. Well, it seems US President-elect Mr Donald ‘Golden Shower’ Trump, if the stories are true, may also pose a national security risk too.

Italy never took Mr Berlusconi’s cavorting with ladies of the night too seriously from a national security point of view, even if it perhaps should have. But Italy is not a major world power. And maybe Mr Berlusconi’s female friends had been vetted and given security clearance? One kind of doubts this though.

The USA, on the other hand, tends to take such issues rather more seriously, and it is a major world power.

Unlike former prime minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi, President-elect Donald Trump may find himself in very hot not so golden water over his alleged frolicking with members of the world’s oldest profession, should they turn out to be true.

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The video of Mr Trump enjoying the company of certain golden shower partners, if it indeed exists, could leave the world’s most powerful man wide open to extortion and blackmail. This would not please the NSA or the CIA. Consequently, Mr Trump’s presidency could be cut rather short. It appears as if a blackmail attempt may be in progress. And apparently, Mr Trump has indeed enjoyed more than one golden shower.

Should the shower tales turn out to be true, it’ll be interesting to see just how long Mr Trump will survive the ensuing storm. One doubts that the USA will be as prepared to turn a blind eye as Italy was in Mr Berlusconi’s case.

The bunga bunga tales surrounding Silvio Berlusconi’s bedroom antics did not cast a very good light on Italy. Even so, Italy tolerated Mr Berlusconi for quite a while. Will the USA put up with a president who may turn their nation into a laughing stock? Personally, I doubt it. We’ll see.

Interesting how views on national security and the reputations of nations differ, isn’t it?

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