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Parachutist Lands in Central Milan

Today, at the crack of dawn, a young parachutist landed in Milan’s central Piazza Duomo. It is believed, though has not been confirmed, that the man leaped off Milan’s Duomo cathedral.

After landing, police, who are often present in the piazza, say the man unhitched his parachute and ran to Milan’s underground railway system before disappearing. The incident happened at around 6:50 am, a Twitter user has said.

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The reason for the stunt is unknown, though, Milan’s Duomo may not be high enough for base jumping antics, so whether or not the parachutist did actually jump off it needs confirmation. A fourth of July jape? Who knows.

As far as this Milan resident is aware, nobody has done anything similar before.

Milan's Piazza Duomo and cathedral
Milan’s Piazza Duomo and cathedral

More background on this story may well emerge.

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