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Mario Monti Takes a Break, but Not in Italy

Like him or not, Mario Monti is quite possibly the hardest working Prime Minister Italy has ever known.

Both Monti and his technocrat team of ministers are to take a summer break, albeit a short one.
Just in case problems flare up, Monti and his cabinet have agreed to travel to destinations which are no more than an hour or so by plane from Italy.

Mario Monti has chosen to pass six days in Switzerland. This choice may raise eyebrows in Italy, but it sounds as if Italy’s hard working Prime Minister just wants to get away from it all for a few days (and remind himself what it’s like to pass time in a country which works, perhaps?), although one doubts he’ll stop thinking about everything that needs to be done to get Italy on the road to economic recovery.

Now that the Boot has been more or less saved from default, after a brief summer pause, Monti & Co will begin working on a growth plan for Italy. The plan has already been drafted, but there’s still lots to be done.

Unfortunately, Monti cannot count on the assistance of Italy’s mainstream political class which is far to busy fussing over forthcoming elections and suitable alliances for post-Monti Italy.

One suspects that once all the little alliances have been formed, many of which will be the same as before, an attempt will be made to bring down Monti and to precipitate a general election. Above all, the parties want to do this to avoid electoral reforms which might just set them on the road to extinction.

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If the same old parties with zero track record do grab power once more, Italy will suffer. There is a slight possibility that one election promise will be to take Italy out of the Eurozone, and this would be ideal for Italy’s politicians who would dearly love to free themselves of interference from abroad.

Watch Italy’s media over the next few months for attempts to promote anti-European Union sentiment.

Clear attempts to denigrate Europe may well first appear in Berlusconi-friendly media, such as his Mediaset TV channels and the Il Giornale and Libero newspapers.

Silvio Berlusconi is still keeping everyone guessing over his comeback. It sounds as if his people have decided the time is not quite right for a definitive comeback announcement.

Mario Monti has attempted to draw attention to the dangers of a new Berlusconi led administration, but whether Italy’s voters will hear or understand, is difficult to know.

Voters in Italy are rather like packs of sheep – many will blindly vote for who they are told to, or so I’ve been told.

The ageing man with a tan and a nice smile may be back – heaven help Italy if he does.

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