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Lots of Italian Snacks and Sweets to Tempt You

The Emmy Eats on Emmymade in Japan series of videos on YouTube are great fun. In these popular food review videos, Emmy, who is from Japan, eats and describes lots of snacks and sweets from around the world, including Italy.

Emmy has made three videos about Italy so far, all of which you’ll find below.

Well, I like showing off what Italy has to offer and, as well as everything else, Italy does have some interesting snacks and sweets, so I’ve decided to pop Emmy’s trips into this largely unknown world of Italian cuisine here on Italy Chronicles.

If you are coming to Italy and are after a snack or a sweet treat, you probably go for something which looks familiar  – if that is, you can find anything. The language barrier can cause some problems too and as a result you may have ended up eating something which wasn’t quite what you expected. Emmy’s videos can prevent this little problem from occurring.

I like Emmy’s video snack and sweet reviews because she tries lots of things I see every day – well, I do live in Italy. In Milan, to be precise.

Emmy’s assistance, choosing snacks, sweets and cookies/biscuits when in Italy should no longer be a so hit and miss. People coming to live and work in Italy might find Emmy’s videos handy too.

Over to you Emmy, get snacking!

Emmy Eats Italy – Italian snack & sweets – Video 1


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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Emmy, it seems, because curious about Italy’s snacks and sweets, so she made another video, this one:

Emmy Eats Italy – Italian snack & sweets – Video 2


After her second snacking and sweeting session, Emmy was back for even more!

Here’s Emmy once again:

Emmy Eats Italy – Italian snack & sweets – Video 3


I hope you enjoyed Emmy’s tasting sessions as much as I did.

Emmy has snacked and sweeted her way through at least 24 of the world’s nations. From her fun food reviews, Emmy does seem to be as sweet as the food she tastes 🙂

Actually, Italy could learn something from Emmy – Italians could make videos in English or other languages to help show off Italian eats and drinks, not just snacks and sweets. From what I understand, YouTube videos can generate quite a bit of income for their makers – if they get lots of views.

Italy’s snack and sweet makers may be interested in these videos too. People who visit Italy are bound to develop a liking for something or other and when they get back home, they may well keep and eye out for it. Export opportunity? Could well be!

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