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Gianluca Pellerito – Italy’s Jazz Drumming Prodigy

Gianluca Pellerito is not even 20 yet, but this Sicilian-born Italian jazz drummer has already made quite a name for himself.

He’s performed at Italy’s legendary Umbria Jazz a couple of times, played at noted Jazz venues such as the Blue Note club in Milan and has been drumming his way around the world.

Pellerito’s virtuosity came to the attention of another jazz drummer, Peter Erskine, who commented that “being on stage with him [Pellerito’] has already been an honour and will be an honour for me”, according to Italian emerging music site Gruppi Emergenti, adding that it was Erskine who discovered Pellerito. Erskine is a drummer of some stature – he himself has been described as a jazz legend.

Gianluca Pellerito
Gianluca Pellerito

Here’s Gianluca Pellerito in action.

Gianluca Pellerito Quintet at the London Olympics in Ausgust 2012

Gianluca Pellerito, drums, Michael Rose, sax, Jason Rebello, Piano, Paul Stacey, Guitar, Karl Rasheed Abel, Bass

[youtube width=”556″ height=”469″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYepDe7NgKg[/youtube]

Next up, Pellerito in Brazil.

Pellerito at Milan's Blue Note
Pellerito at Milan’s Blue Note
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This is Gianluca Pellerito performing with his quartet in Sao Paolo in Brazil in December 2014. Pellerito’s drum solo is very impressive.

Gianluca Pellerito Quintet Brasil Tour December 2013

[youtube width=”556″ height=”469″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahzQW_MqJks[/youtube]

Pellerito has recently released a Jazz My Way Herbie Hancock Tribute album.

If you’d like to see Pellerito live, you can on the 5th July in Perugia, Italy where he’ll be playing in Piazza IV Novembre at 9:30pm.

In Italy where everyone seems to be a little on the old side, it’s very good, and rather rare, to see young talent emerge. Note that Pellerito’s talent was not spotted by an Italian but by an American. There’s a message for young Italian musicians here.

As for Gianluca Pellerito, all the best to him for a great future.


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