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Italian Rogues of the Week: Italy’s Politicians

For failing to end the political impasse, and failing to govern floundering Italy, this week’s Rogue of the Week “award” goes to nearly all of Italy’s politicians.

Italy’s center-left PD and Berlusconi fan club PdL parties simply cannot stop bickering. Their silly little power games are damaging an already seriously ill nation.

Italy’s tax burden has now hit 52%. The purchasing power of Italians fell by 4.8% in 2012, and continues to fall. Unemployment is at record levels and is rising.  Over 200,000 graduates are out of work. Under 35s in general simply cannot find jobs which last much more than a few months. Businesses, including shops, are closing down for good every day all over Italy. 1 in 6 Italian families now lives in poverty. Italians are committing suicide.

The situation is dire and Italy’s politicians are doing nothing at all about it. Actually, that is not one hundred percent true.

Beppe Grillo’s 5 Star Movement wants to do something. The 5 Star Movement to get Italy’s parliament working, but the mainstream, old guard, forever bickering political parties won’t let it start work. Grillo himself thinks the rogues have carried out something very similar to a coup d’état. He’s probably not wrong.

Italy’s mainstream political parties who are largely responsible for the mess Italy now finds itself in, love to do down the young and inexperienced 5 Star Movement politicians saying they don’t know what they are doing. Us, older, experienced politicians, on the other hand do, they love to claim. Except they don’t. If they did know what they were doing, Beppe Grillo’s 5 Star Movement would never have come into existence.

The Experts who Aren’t

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Let’s face it with all the “experience” they claim they have, Italy’s old guard political parties should be experts at running Italy. Instead, they show that they are consummate experts at not doing a darned thing. What a bunch of totally and utterly useless rogues.

As Beppe Grillo and his neo-MPs know full well, Italy’s parliament could start working tomorrow, but the so called “experienced” politicians won’t let this happen. What a disgrace.

Italy’s cossetted, arrogant, over paid and over privileged, often corrupt and inept mainstream political classes easily qualify for the title of Rogues of the Week, and then some.

Slapping the whole lot of them in one of Italy’s overcrowded prisons on charges of gross negligence would probably be one of the best things Italy could do.

Poor Italy.

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