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Help Abruzzo

This week’s Images of Italy is devoted to the courageous people of Abruzzo, Italy – the Italian region which has suffered great loss of life and damage after the recent earthquake.

Help! from edobiondi

Help! by edobiondi
Help! Photo by ANSA

edobiondi’s work, including images of Abruzzo both before and after the earthquake, can be viewed here: edobiondi on Flickr.

This image is from the Italian news agency’s ANSA’s achives.  ANSA’s news in English section.

Information and Donations

Please visit this post on Ms. Adventures in Italy, where you will find information on how you can help out by sending donations, if you would like to:

Earthquake in Abruzzo, Italy, and reflections on another California Earthquake

Those from Canada might like to help the people of Abruzzo by donating to this organisation:

O.S.J. Charities Trust Fund for L’Aquila
Abruzzo Italy – Earthquake
Account Number: 09012 69-21310
At: CIBC 7765 Yonge Street, Thornhill, Ontario L3T 2C4

With thanks to Joanne over at her Frutto della Passione blog for this information.

Those in the United Kingdom and the USA can make a donation to the Global Giving charity’s Abruzzo Earthquake appeal funds via the following links:

UK residents, please click here:

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Stop reading, start speaking

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Appeal for Victims of Abruzzo Earthquake

Global Giving UK Funding Information:


The Slow Food network is helping to provide hospitality and basic necessities across the region to those who have been worst hit by the earthquake. An assessment is under way with collaborating organizations to develop longer-term projects.

Total Funding Received to Date: £524
Remaining Goal to be Funded: £16,445
Total Funding Goal: £16,969

USA citizens, please click here:

Italy Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund

Global Giving is a registered UK charity:  Charities Commission UK – Entry for Global Giving

UPDATE June 8, 2009: For details on how the fund raising is progressing, and how the money is being used – please see this post: Thanks from GlobalGiving and from Blog from Italy For Helping Abruzzo

PLEASE note that Blog from Italy is not accepting donations from those wishing to help the people of Abruzzo – please donate through official channels.

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