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BSOD again

My darling new laptop regaled me with yet another jolly memory parity error blue screen of death message today. Tomorrow I shall give Dell another

Black boxing taxis

I was chatting with a student the other day about an interesting proposal to stick a black box in all of Milan’s taxis. This box

Windows start up time

OK, so I now have a laptop with a cutting edge cpu, lots of ram, a fast hard disk and a reasonable graphics card, so

New Dell laptop

My new Dell 6400 pc turned up today.  It’s one of those wide-screen things, it has a hottish CPU – a 2ghz core duo 2, 1

Thunderbird and Fastmail.fm

For e-mailing I use a combination of the desktop client Thunderbird and my email provider, a company called Fastmail.fm which is based in Australia and

A regular worry

I’ve just updated the Joomla! installation on my work site.  It’s a simple enough operation if you know how to change file permissions and where

Of computers etc

I’m sort of hunting for a new laptop at the moment. I’ve narrowed my choice down to a Dell Inspiron 6400 with an Intel 2.0ghz


Do you know what CSS stands for? Possibly, but if you don’t it stands for ‘cascading style sheets’.  What are these things? Well, they are