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The Policeman’s Blog is a blog I admire.  The guy who writes it, who is a policeman in the UK, has been showing just how difficult it is for the police to actually do their real job – that is catching criminals and making society a bit safer for one and all.  He is someone who believes in his work and wants to do it, he does not even moan about low pay, he just highlights how he cannot be a real policeman.  The modern day policeman in the UK appears to be nothing more than an inappropriately trained administrative clerk, at least that is the impression you get from the blog.

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In some small way he seems to be making a difference.  People are listening and a recent TV documentary made about the police showed that the points made on the Policeman’s  are real and pertinent.  As a result people are starting to sit up and take notice.  This means that it is possible that things will start to change and, hopefully, get better.  Without this blog nobody would have been able to know about the real situation which exists and things would have continued to get worse most probably.  I don’t think Dave Copperfield (his blog pseudonym) has had it all easy as a result of his writings, but it does look as though he is one of the people to have got that old ball rolling.

As a Kiwi I know may say, ‘Good on yer, Dave!’.

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