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Bad Weather in Italy Sparks Cinque Terre Flooding Fears

Monterosso, one of the five gorgous Cinque Terre affected by Floods in 2011

A recent bout of stormy weather battering Italy has led to worries that devastating floods may hit the scenic Cinque Terre area of Italy once more.

Severe flooding caused loss of live and extensive damage to the Cinque Terre area of Liguria back in October 2011.  The area has just about recovered from last year’s disaster.

Monterosso and Vernazza were two Cinque Terre villages that were particularly badly hit by the October 2011 floods.  Owing to the efforts of locals, aid and volunteers, both villages have largely recovered from the flood damage, as mentioned in this post: Is Visiting the Cinque Terre Still Possible?

Despite the recovery, the same terrifying flooding could happen again.  Here is a video showing flood waters coursing though Monterosso almost exactly one year ago:

Monterosso Flood Waters

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So far so good.  Bad weather was expected to create chaos yesterday in Italy, but although a few trees were brought down in Rome, widespread damage, thankfully, did not occur.

While Italy’s rainy season may have taken a break, it is not over yet.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that there is not a repeat of the Cinque Terre disaster this year.

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