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Australian Embassy and Consulates in Italy

Addresses and contact details.

Australian Embassy in Rome
via Antonio Bosio, 5
00161 Rome
tel: (+39) 06 852 721
fax: (+39) 06 8527 2300

Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 09:00-05:00 (except for public holidays)
website: http://www.italy.embassy.gov.au/

Public holidays

In 2007, the Embassy will be closed on:

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1 October, Monday – Labour Day (Australia – ACT)
1 November, Thursday – All Saints Day
24 December, Monday – Additional DFAT Public Holiday
25 December, Tuesday – Christmas Day
26 December, Wednesday – Boxing Day/St Stefano

Australian Embassy to the Holy See (Vatican)
via Paola, 24 Apt 10
00186 Rome
The Holy See
tel: (+39) 06 687 7688
fax: (+39) 06 689 6255

Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 09:00-05:00 (except for public holidays)
website: http://www.dfat.gov.au/missions/countries/va.html
Australian Consulate General in Milan
3rd Floor, via Borgogna 2
20122 Milan
tel: (+39) 02 777 041
fax: (+39) 02 77 704 242

website: As for Australian Embassy above.

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