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As I predicted.

Yes, as I predicted back in June, here, that nice Mr Prodi and his cronies have gone and decided to put up tax levels – but only if you earn over 70k Euros or are self-employed.  In addition, in view of the extra tax income, the dear government is attempting to cut education funding too.  I guess that these little measures may help Italy crawl out of its pit of national debt.

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And, further t0 my little post on the subject of having to settle tax demands on-line (Just scroll down) from the 1st October, there has already been a ‘giro-tondo’ – ‘ring of roses'(!!??) down in Rome.  Those participating were predictably, small business men and, perhaps less predictably, accountants.  These people are being, not surprisingly, egged on by certain members of some of the opposition political parties.

Let’s see how long the goverment can hold out for.  Prodi is already starting to rock plenty of boats and is doing things that other members of his fragile coalition are not too keen on.  This type of approach usually results in yet another collapsed Italian government, but to be honest there is no way you can avoid boat rocking when your coalition consists of a whole host of weeny little parties with rather diverse points of view .  You have to hand it to Mr B, he certainly managed to keep a tight rein on his coalition members.  How he did this is not entirely clear.  It may be best not to ask either.

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