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An earful, skin full weekend

An inquisitive mosquito came to an unfortunate end last night. It flew right into my ear and does not appear to have come out again. Initially, I was aware of it moving around, and this was quite an odd sensation. My other half tried to see the wee blighter, and shone a torch up my left lug hole. She saw nothing, but I could still feel it wriggling around. I lay on my side in the hope that the daft little vampire would find its way out, but I'm not that sure it did. So, what did I do? Well, we live in the era of the enormous encyclopaedia known as the world wide web, so I hunted around and low and behold, I found quite a lot about removing objects from ears and noted that a few sites suggested dripping olive oil into your ear canal as this will, a) kill the offending invader and b) flush the thing out.

I tried the olive oil trick, but nothing came out, alas. Then I attempted to squirt some sterile saline solution into my ear, however nothing dripped out, either.

This evening I went off to the casualty section off our local hospital to see if they could see anything.

Was I worried? Not really, but I was not sure that having a decomposing mozzy inside me would do me that much good.

It was just too weird to be true.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Anyway, I cycled down to the casualty section, armed with my trusty electronic diary and my MP3 player, as I was expecting a long wait.

As it happened, there weren't that many people, in fact I walked up the the check in any briefly explained my predicament to the rather gruff nurse who was on duty. She took my I’D card details and told me to go and sit in the waiting area. Suffice it to say, I was very pleased with how quickly everything happened. The staff were of the 'long suffering, but courteous' variety. There was one of the local crazies in for his injection and he seemed to find my use of a mobile irritating and then, while drooling, muttered something, which I was only able to understand after some other Italians translated it for me into normal Italian. Our not of particularly sound mind friend wanted to know whether the psychiatrist was a man or a woman. Why this fellow thought I would know, I cannot fathom. Oh well, it livened of proceedings a little I suppose.

You may be wondering just what the doc found lodged in my ear. The answer is nothing. The little beast had not come to a sticky end as a result of encountering my earwax, nope – it had somehow found its way to freedom.

Apart from this little lowlight, I had an excellent weekend, ate too much (diet went on hold) and imbibed no small amount of red wine.

I suppose you could say at I had an earful and a skin full!

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