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Added some photos to my Flickr collection.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Yes, I’ve got round to adding a few more photos.  I spent the summer hols playing around with black and white.  Whilst I love colour, there is something about black and white pictures that captures the mood of certain scenes very well.  Maybe it is because the absence of colour forces you to focus your attention on the subject rather more, so you are not dazzled by a sea of colour.  Just my personal theory, but, whatever, I like black and white images, and they certainly can look stunning.

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Cynar by Campari

The range of amari or bitters in Italy is extensive. Certainly before I came to this country I had not heard of many and I wonder how many outside of Italy are aware of these somewhat different tipples, such as Cynar.

Delectable Crutin Cheese

For services rendered my other half received a rather special Christmas hamper this year. The hamper was crammed full of all sorts of Italian food goodies. One such goody was was something called Crutin.


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The Castello Sorci Restaurant in Tuscany

Ghoulish Gastronomy in Tuscany

Deep in the depths of Tuscany, not too far from a delightful little place called Anghiari, which is on the border with Umbria, there is the hauntingly interesting restaurant the Locanda al Castello di Sorci.