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Visit Italy and See Beautiful Unknown Brescia

Piazza della Loggia Brescia
Before last Sunday, I had never had a good look round the northern Italian city of Brescia and I’m very glad I did. If you are planning to visit Italy, you should add it to your list of places to visit. Judging by the low number of tourists I encountered, I’d said that Brescia is not on many lists of places to visit in Italy. This is a pity because Brescia is beautiful and rather colourful too and, as is the case with many places in Italy, interesting food and wines are abundant too, so when you visit Italy, consider visiting Brescia too. I spent the good part of a day getting to know the centre of this smallish Italian city, the origins of which date back 3,200 years. Here are the photographs I took of Brescia, and its food, during my recent trip there.
Colourful Brescia
Colourful Brescia
Brescia is highly photogenic:
A Street in Brescia Italy
A Street in Brescia Italy
Here’s the Loggia in the city centre:
Visit Italy and see places like Brescia's Piazza Loggia Facade
Visit Italy and see places like Brescia’s Piazza Loggia Facade
From the Loggia, the view is equally charming:
Piazza della Loggia Brescia
A view of Piazza della Loggia in Brescia
For lunch, I headed to the Osteria Al Bianchi which had been recommended to me by Brescia based Twitter follower Carlo Gianuzzi – who I later met up with for a chat. Many thanks for the coffee, the restaurant recommendation and the company, Carlo! Lunch was very tasty and I kicked off with casoncelli, a form of ravioli.
Casoncelli Ravioli for Lunch in Brescia, Italy
Casoncelli Ravioli for Lunch in Brescia
I followed the pasta with la coppa ripiena, a plate of meat and polenta:
Coppa Ripiena
Coppa Ripiena with polenta
Both the pasta and the main course were very good. I wanted to round things off with the Osteria Al Bianchi’s apparently legendary zabaione mousse but, alas and alack, it had all gone. I had to settle for panna cotta with strawberry sauce:
Panna Cotta with Strawberry Sauce
Panna Cotta with Strawberry Sauce
I washed everything down with a rather nice house red although with hindsight, I should have gone for some of the area’s white Franciacorta bubbly. There’s always next time! This was my lunchtime view:
Brescia Lunchtime view from the Osteria al Bianchi
Brescia Lunchtime view from the Osteria al Bianchi
After lunch and more exploring, I headed back to Brescia’s Market Square for a break and a cool beer:
Brescia's Piazza del Mercato
Brescia’s Piazza del Mercato
Wonder the backstreets of Brescia and come across sights like this:
Brescia Sights
Brescia Sights
It’s rather lovely, isn’t it? I only really skimmed the surface, there’s the castle to see and its museum plus Roman remains, and more. Brescia is an undiscovered gem. Visit before it is discovered!

How to Get to Brescia

If you’d like to visit Brescia, it’s very easy to get to from Milan by train – the trip takes around 45 minutes by fast train – and just as easy to get to from Venice or Verona by train too. Brescia would make a nice destination for a day trip if you happen to be staying at Lake Garda. Actually, Brescia would make a nice place for a weekend getaway. If you’d like to pay a visit to Brescia, then Booking.com has a great selection of hotels and other accommodation for you to browse: Brescia Accommodation

Where I Ate

Lunch at the Osteria Al Bianchi (website in Italian) –  Via Gasparo da Salò 32 – cost €37 and included first and second courses, dessert plus wine, water and an espresso coffee.

More Information About Brescia

Visit the Brescia Tourism website Use Italiarail’s easy to use rail ticket booking service to get Trenitalia tickets to Brescia – here’s Italiarail’s website. Will I go back to Brescia? Yes, I certainly will! I don’t need to visit Italy – I live here 🙂 Italychronicles.com may earn commission on Trenitalia ticket sales.

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