A List of My Interests

I don’t know if this will interest anyone, but I’m trying to understand how many things interest me.  So I’ve made a list, partly for fun, partly to help me understand, and, perhaps, focus in on some subjects a little better as time passes.

The list is quite long, but not exhaustive, and will probably grow over time as other things spring to mind.  Indeed, I’ve just thought of a few things I’ve missed!

My knowledge of the subjects listed ranges from a little to quite a lot, and tends to reflect the topics which are the flavour of a particular moment.

The Eclectic List

It’s in alphabetical order, not in any order of priority.  Regular readers of Italy Chronicles will recognise some of the subjects, others might come as a surprise, or not.

  • Advertising – methods and systems, and efficiency
  • Animals and wildlife
  • Art – contemporary art and artists – I like discovering interesting Italian artists
  • Boats – all sorts, but especially hi-tech, high-speed ones – more on this lower down the list
  • Business – strategy, development
  • Cars, Eco friendly engines, electric power, bio fuels, European, Asian, and American (I like muscle cars)
  • Coffee machines – Italian espresso makers, especially the coffee bar versions
  • Cooking
  • Culture – what it is, how it differs and evolves
  • Current affairs – news, views, and happenings in Italy and elsewhere
  • Design – combining function and form – why I like guitars, cars, motorbikes, tools, knives & guns
  • Economics
  • English teaching – how to help people learn English, develop & consolidate their skills
  • Environment – maintaining and enhancing it
  • Firearms – always found them fascinating.  Don’t really know why.
  • Films and entertainment – Science fiction is my favourite genre
  • Food and drink – discovering new flavours, and nutrition
  • Guitars – had a couple, cannot play them – love the sound, and the form, though.  Want an electro-acoustic Ovation model – one day.
  • High speed surface water travel. The amazing, but now extinct, Ekroplan – video:


  • High speed below surface marine travel, using, for example, supercavitation technology, like the DARPA Underwater Express.
  • History – modern history, but not only
  • Intelligence – how we develop it, why some people are more intelligent than others, different types of intelligence, artificial intelligence
  • Internet, and related technology, css, php, web design
  • Italy – anything and everything!
  • Journalism, including press freedom, citizen journalism
  • Language – how we learn them, develop our skills, how to accelerate learning, grammar
  • Law, and legal systems (civil v common law), legal terminology
  • Legends – and their origins
  • Marketing – web and traditional methods. Tourism and travel promotion via the internet
  • Martial arts – Tai chi
  • Media and communications – differences between cultures, new techniques, especially use of www
  • Mobile phones – technology, functions, operating systems
  • Motorbikes – big, fast ones (I’ve had a few moderately fast, but not big ones)
  • Motor and motorbike racing – especially motorbike racing
  • Mountain biking, cycling, and bikes
  • Music – many genres, including classical, rock, blues, acid jazz and some pop
  • Non-lethal weapons – I like the idea of being able to disable someone without killing him/her
  • Paranormal events – ghosts
  • Photography, cameras, lenses, off-camera flash (I’m a novice at this) and photo editing
  • Politics – political systems – particularly new ones!
  • Psychology – what it is, and how it effects out lives, and use of the www
  • Real estate & architecture
  • Renewable energy – particularly solar energy, biomass & wave/ocean power generation systems
  • Science – just about everything, much of which is mixed in with this list
  • Shooting – bows and arrows, crossbows, pistols, rifles, pea shooters, rail guns
  • Space, space travel, and UFOs
  • Technology – web technology, computers, operating systems, applications
  • Television – how it is used, how it can be used
  • Tools – love ’em (weird, I know!) – drills, spanners, saws, screwdrivers, soldering gear
  • Travel – being in other places, not getting there!
  • Video games and gaming platforms – Wii, Playstation
  • Walking – in the country or mountains up hills, but not down them!
  • Wine – particularly Italian wines and prosecco!
  • Writing – techniques, writing for the web, trying to improve my own writing skills, and how to teach others to write

That’s it for now.

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