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Nope, nothing to do with PC's or even those flying things – this is one of those, or should that be 'some of those' darling little microbes which tend to send hoardes of the population to bed for a few days every year. The little blighters which got me left me feeling downright lousy – so bad, in fact, that I did something I very rarely do – I went to see the doctor. Well, feeling down over Xmas is not great, so attempting to kill the little bug**rs by artifiical means seemed to be justified. There was, and still is, the problem that my voice has been coming and going. This is not got for someone who attempts to eek a living out of teaching. Then there was, still damn well is too, this blasted cough. Much better thanks, now – at least it is not waking me up at four in the morning in an attempt to get me to deposit my lungs all over the floor – which is progress. The sore throat was a nightmare too and made coughing painful. Not good. And the darling little sore throat seems to be creeping back, for some reason. This means that the antibiotics which the Doc gave me have not done the job – so out with the home remedies. Water, honey, lemon and a nice shot of grappa. Even if it does not cure you, it knocks you out enough to ensure that you will get a reasonable night's sleep. Staying up far too late and scribbling a few words in my blog may also aid the sleep thing too, I suppose….hope. Cough, cough.

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