Alleged Italian Rogue of the Week – Niccolò Ghedini

Niccolò Ghedini, if you did not know, is Silvio Berlusconi’s chief defense lawyer. Ghedini also happens to be, conveniently perhaps, a member of Italy’s parliament.

It is possible that Ghedini will continue to sit in Italy’s parliament as he has been nominated, once again and along with another member of the Berlusconi defense team, as a candidate by Silvio Berlusconi’s PdL party in the forthcoming 2013 elections.

Now while Ghedini may well be a very productive lawyer, he’s not exactly the most productive elected representative of the people Italy has ever had. Quite the opposite, in fact.

According to OpenPolis, a website which monitors the productivity of Italy’s politicians, Ghedini is the least productive member of Italy’s parliament.

In fact, in terms of political productivity, Ghedini sits in 622nd place which is right at the bottom of the OpenPolis ranking.

It is, of course, difficult to be productive when you are not present. Unsurprisingly, the honorable Ghedini does not have a particularly good record on this front either.

Rarely There

A representative of a district of Venice and member of Berlusconi’s PdL party, Ghedini was absent from parliament over 81% of the time.

Other Commitments?

Could it be that ‘other commitments’ to a certain client have been keeping Ghedini from representing those who voted for him?

Even though he’s not actually present much of the time, Ghedini has not, as far as I am aware, waived his generous parliamentary salary.

It is is little odd, is it not, that a parliamentarian who could not find the time to do much parliamentary work should be presented for re-election.

Will Ghedini do a better job of representing the interests of his electorate after the 2013 elections?

Not Transparent

Unlike other MPs, Ghedini keeps quiet about his earnings and you will find no voluntary declaration of how much he makes on the list here: Declarations of Earnings and Estate by some of Italy’s Members of Parliament

For being Italy’s least productive parliamentarian, Niccolò Ghedini earns himself the title of Alleged Italian Rogue of the week on Italy Chronicles.

Aside from protecting the interests of his clients as a lawyer, Ghedini has been involved in politics in Italy since the late 1970s.

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  1. Paul London says

    Interesting Alex. I maybe have glimmerings of awareness of the answer but could you perhaps explain why someone clearly providing such a minimal service to his constituents manages to get re-elected by them?

    • says

      The honourable lawyer is likely to get himself re-elected because of Italy’s very odd election system. All that has to be done is for your name to appear on a list. As long as enough votes are obtained, you end up with a seat in parliament. Sometimes, it does not even matter whether your name was on the initial list – you can be added at a later date – alla Nicole Minetti.

      Fun, isn’t it?



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