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Italian Senator Saved from Arrest

It’s like bad old Berlusconi times. Today, and after a parliamentary commission recommended his arrest, Senator Antonio Azzollini’s skin was saved by his senate colleges, 189 of whom voted to block his arrest. Why? Mr Azzollini faces charges of fraudulent bankruptcy (to the tune of €500 million) regarding a nursing home chain and criminal association – hardly minor offences […]

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italy GDP 10 Year Moving Average

How Inefficient is Italy? Grossly.

Italy’s nightmarish bureaucracy and dysfunctional political system are legendary. Well, they do say there’s often more than a grain of truth in legends and the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2014 – 2015 contains not one but several grains of truth. In terms of government efficiency and effectiveness, out of the 144 nation’s assessed by the World […]

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Milan's Duomo Cathedral

Milan’s Spectacular Duomo Cathedral

Saturday, despite being very close to the tail end of November, was a fabulously sunny day here in Milan, Italy. I was out and about, exited the Duomo metro stop and was confronted by the Duomo, Milan's incredibly ornate cathedral, which, owing to … [Read More...]