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Italy Chronicles’ Places of Interest in Italy Map

On the map of Italy below, you'll find links to posts on Italy Chronicles about attractions, places of interest, places to eat, museums, and more all … [Read More...]

How To Look Good in Italy and Attract Italian Women

Here's a how to guide to dressing well in Italy which was inspired by a conversation with a male British Italy lover who felt under dressed when … [Read More...]

Pizza in Florence

The Top Ten Best Pizza Places in Florence – Summer 2014

If you are visiting Italy this summer, you will probably want to try authentic Italian pizza. Having pizza in the land which gave the world this … [Read More...]

Lucifer May Create Great Italian Wines

Test Your Knowledge of Italy’s Wines

Results so far … [Read More...]

Wild Swimming Italy - the definitive guide

Dive into Italy with this Original New Travel Guide

A new, highly original Italy travel guide has recently come out: Wild Swimming Italy, is its title. As far as I know, there's nothing else quite like … [Read More...]

Two Photographs of Picturesque Positano

Italy's Amalfi coastline is a sheer gem. I shall never forget seeing photographs of the Amalfi area many years ago at work. A collegue of mine had … [Read More...]

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