Milan expo tickets - available now online

Milan Expo 2015 – Tickets Now Available!

Advance ticket sales for the Milan 2015 Expo are now taking place. Hundreds have reportedly already been sold since the online Expo 2015 ticketing … [Read More...]


How To Look Good in Italy and Attract Italian Women

Here's a how to guide to dressing well in Italy which was inspired by a conversation with a male British Italy lover who felt under dressed when … [Read More...]

Pizza in Florence

The Pizza Quiz

After Italy Chronicles recent and popular Pasta Quiz, here's a quiz about another Italian, and world, staple: pizza! … [Read More...]

One of Casamonti's Tuscan wines - L'Elogio

A Handy Map of Italy’s Wine Regions

For your continued wine education, here's another useful Italian wine resource from informative wine website Wine Folly. After the Visual Guide to 200 … [Read More...]

Visit Florence and see the magnificent Ponte Vecchio

From Marble to Flesh: The biography of Michelangelo’s David by A. Victor Coonin

If you are like me, you love books. Not just for the tales themselves but also for the people and places behind them. When it comes to Florence, two … [Read More...]

Two Photographs of Picturesque Positano

Italy's Amalfi coastline is a sheer gem. I shall never forget seeing photographs of the Amalfi area many years ago at work. A collegue of mine had … [Read More...]

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