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An Italian Song for September

The song you will hear today, Impressioni Di Settembre – Impressions of September, aside from being appropriate for the time of year, was listed as one of the best versions of all time by Italian news and culture magazine, Panorama.

Sung by the Italian group PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi), this is certainly a powerful rendition.

Sections of the track remind this listener of Irish music. Curious. Listen and see if you agree. The song Impressioni Di Settembre is regarded as an Italian classic.

The name of the band, Premiata Forneria Marconi, translates as “Award-winning Marconi Bakery”! Top marks for originality, if not for stimulating musical curiosity, maybe. Not that the name has harmed the band at all. PFM have been doing their progressive rock thing since 1971 and the man on vocals and guitar is Franco Mussida who has a reputation for being something of a guitar virtuoso. I’d say the reputation is well-deserved. Well, I think he’s very good.

PFM have achieved success not only in Italy, but also in the UK, the USA and in Japan. The music of Genesis and Pink Floyd influenced PFM, as I think you’ll probably be able to hear.

Below the song are the lyrics so you can either practice your Italian or sing along. Perhaps both. The Italian used is not too difficult.

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Here’s the video:

Impressioni Di Settembre – Impressions of September by PFM


Impressioni Di Settembre Lyrics

This is a shortened version of the song.

Quante gocce di rugiada intorno a me,
cerco il sole ma non c’è…
Dorme ancora la campagna, forse no,
è sveglia, mi guarda, non so.
Già l’odore della terra odor di grano,
sale adagio verso me.
e la vita nel mio petto batte piano,
respira la nebbia, penso a te.
Quanto verde tutto intorno a ancor piú in là,
sembra quasi un mera l’erba,
e leggero il mio pensiero vola e va
ho quasi paura che si perda…
Un cavallo tende il collo verso il prato
resta fermo como me:
faccio un passo, lui mi vede, è già fuggito…
Respiro la nebbia, penso a te.
No, cosa sono adesso non lo so
sono como, un uomo in cerca di se stesso
no, cosa sono adesso non lo so
sono solo, solo il suono del mio passo…
Ma intanto il sole tra la nebbia filtra già:
il giorno come sempre sarà.

The band PFM are still around, here’s their website: PFM – in Italian


Feature photo of PFM by passo_variabile

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