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Country Music Italian Style – Paul Aster and the Fellows

Aster and the Fellows

Strange as though it might seem, Italy does have quite a vibrant, and growing, country music scene. You never know, the next Johnny Cash or Shania Twain might be an Italian. Someone like Paul Aster, perhaps? You can hear some of his country music here folks.

Paul Aster is the stage name of Italian country singer Fabrizio Pollastrelli. Born in the northern Italian Aosta Valley area, Pollastrelli/Aster now lives down in Fano in Italy’s Le Marche region. Last year he played at the Picenum Country festival in Ascoli Piceno in the Le Marche region.

In 2012, Paul Aster branched out and started performing with The Fellows band who are:

Paul Aster: vocals and guitar

  • Marilena “Maylou”: violin and support vocals
  • Gino “Doc”: guitar
  • Davide “Dave”: bass, support vocals and harmonica
  • Alessandro “Alex”: drums and support vocals

Here’s Aster, in the middle, and the Fellows:

Paul Aster and the Fellows
Paul Aster and the Fellows

The band appears to have no problem finding bookings either.

From his website, Aster says his influences are old country stars like John Denver and Johnny Cash and new country artists like Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, Keith Urban, Travis Tritt, Toby Keith and the Zac Brown Band. You may also hear flavors of folk and southern rock in Aster’s music, as he also likes James Taylor, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Eagles and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Italian Country Musician Mr Paul Aster
Italian Country Musician Mr Paul Aster
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Here’s a mellow Paul Aster track for your country music listening pleasure. Country fans won’t have an problem understanding the words as they are in English.

Tequila Sunrise by Paul Aster

[youtube width=”556″ height=”469″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDZUw4kxPbQ[/youtube]

Here’s a cover of Walkin’ in the Country originally by The Ranch:

Country Music by Paul Aster & The Fellows – Walkin’ in the country


You can hear more of Paul Aster’s country music on his website: Paul Aster Music and he’s got an album too: A Few Country Songs. From what I’ve heard, Aster and the Fellows tend to sing in English.

There are a few US military bases in Italy and there are bound to be a few country music fans within the US military. Maybe Paul Aster and the Fellows could be invited to do 4th July or Thanksgiving Day gigs. Just a thought.



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