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A Spider in Bed? This is Much Worse

An Italian Euscorpius italicus Scorpion

You probably don’t like finding a spider in bed. Well, imagine if that spider stings. Scorpions belong to the same family as spiders, except, as you might know, scorpions sting. Now, did you know that Italy has scorpions? No? Well it does and some of these little blighters like nothing more than to explore beds.

My Italian other half’s parents used to have a house in the hilly woodland which sits behind the coastline of Liguria. She hated going to the place because a) she’s not a great fan of greenery, and b) she hated the little black scorpions with a vengeance!

When we were staying at her parents’ country place, bedtime was punctuated by scorpion induced screams of panic.

The little beasts move very quickly and it’s not at all easy to swat them, I can tell you!

Just to make life a little more thrilling, and unlike a spider in bed (which might bite), these little fellows can sting, but their stings only, er, sting in August. Exactly the time of year 99.99% of Italy’s population is on holiday. August is also the time when lots of non-Italians come to sample the delights of Italy too.

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Stop reading, start speaking

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If you are coming to Italy in August, you might have a close encounter with an Italian scorpion, or two.

An Italian Euscorpius italicus Scorpion
That spider in bed may be an Italian Euscorpius italicus Scorpion!

Apparently scorpions can be found all over the Italian peninsula, and they certainly are in the hills along Italy’s lovely Liguria coastline – to this, I can attest having seen the little chaps scuttling up walls in the midst of summer, and after having hunted them after they’ve left the warmth of the bedclothes.

The Spider in Bed Might Bite but Scorpion’s Sting!

I’m told that the sting the scorpions common to Liguria can inflict in August is about the same pain-wise as that of a bee or wasp, so you don’t have to rush off the hospital if one of these beasties gets you. So far, I’m happy to report, I have not been stung by an Italian scorpion, or scorpions of any other nationality, for that matter.

However, if you are someone who is allergic to bee and wasp stings, you may well need to go and see a doctor – just to be on the safe side – otherwise I’m told the effects of the sting can become deadly. A frightening thought!

Anyway, don’t worry too much about scorpions invading your bed when you are staying in Liguria or any other country area of Italy – but do remember to check your bed before climbing in – just in case. And take a look at your children’s beds too, otherwise your sleep may be interrupted by sudden blood curdling screams!

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