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The Landmark Trust Lands in Italy

villa dei vescovi padua

Maybe you have never heard of the Landmark Trust. Indeed, if you have not, you won’t know that the Landmark Trust is a building conservation charity. Nor will you know that the trust identifies and restores building of historical interest, and then rents them out for holidays. And you certainly won’t know that Landmark Trust has been at work in Italy. Well, you do now!

Primarily, the Landmark Trust works in the United Kingdom where it is based. Recently, though, it has been taking on properties in Italy. Now you can stay in properties run by the trust in Rome, Florence and near Venice.

From a Twitter conversation with The Landmark Trust, I discovered that it has been working with Italy’s equivalent of the UK’s National Trust – FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano. As a result of this collaboration, visitors to Italy can now stay at the Villa dei Vescovi, Padua which you can see in the photograph below.

Mansarda del Vigneto Villa dei Vescovi, Padua, Italy
Yes, you can holiday here – Mansarda del Vigneto Villa dei Vescovi, Padua, Italy – Sleeps 4

For those not in the know, Padua, aside from being lovely in its own right, is only a short train ride away from another stunning Italian jewel – Venice.

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So far, Landmark Trust offers six properties in Italy. They are:

  • Casa Guidi, a flat in Piazza, S.Felice, Florence, Italy

Yes, I know there are only four properties in the list, but with the two apartments at Villa dei Vescovi, near Padua, the total is six.

Villa Saraceno, Finale, Vicenza, Italy
Villa Saraceno, Finale, Vicenza, Italy

By staying at Landmark Trust properties in Italy, you will be helping the trust maintain the glorious building you are holidaying in, as well as providing funding for the upkeep of the other properties and with more income, the Landmark Trust can seek out and restore more buildings in Italy. This is a classic example of sustainable tourism.

As well as buildings in Italy, the Landmark trust also offers a vast selection of holiday lettings in the United Kingdom too: Landmark Trust – A to Z of properties.

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