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The Essential World Cup Souvenir for Italy Lovers

The World Cup season is upon us and Italy’s national team, the Azzuri, will be in the thick of it. During the World Cup, Italians and Italy lovers the world over become super patriotic and will want to fill every corner of their lives with pieces of Italy.

Well, how about waking up to a daily Italian espresso cup of coffee made by Italy’s soccer team? OK, not quite, but you could use this patriotic special World Cup edition Bialetti Fiammetta moka maker to brew up a champion cup or two of good Italian espresso every morning while the soccer championships are on.

Every Azzuri fan should have one!

Bialetti Fiammetta Nazionale espresso maker
Bialetti Fiammetta Nazionale espresso maker

Like Italy’s World Cup team, the Azzuri moka maker looks pretty good in action, as @newsfromitaly follower South Africa based Katia Pisapia knows only too well. Here’s her champion espresso maker in action:

In Coffee Making Action - the Bialetti Fiammetta Nazionale
In Coffee Making Action – the Bialetti Fiammetta Nazionale Moka Maker

Looks good, doesn’t it? Don’t hide it away in a kitchen cupboard after you have completed your coffee making, either.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

You can find this cute World Cup coffee maker on Amazon.com:

Bialetti: Fiammetta Nazionale 3-Cups – Official Product by Italian Soccer Team [ Italian Import ]

I can’t find the same coffee maker on Amazon.co.uk alas. Sorry about that.

If you are in Milan, you may be able to find this Moka maker in the Bialetti shop in Corso Garibaldi which is in the Brera area of Italy.

Update: Italy played England, and won 2:1!

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