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Italy’s Amy Winehouse

Giusi Ferreri, a 29 year old from Palermo in Sicily, has been likened to English bad girl singer Amy Winehouse.

This comparison with Amy Winehouse is not a great surprise when you hear that Giusi Ferreri elected to sing her own version of Winehouse’s well known Rehab track whilst participating in the Italian version of the TV talent show X-Factor.

Ferreri’s X-Factor performance has catapulted this young lady to stardom in Italy with her records selling very well. It is quite possible that Italians who, it has to be said, love Winehouse’s melodically jazzy style, are more than happy to have their own version of Amy who sings in a language they can understand. Hence, one supposes, Ferreri’s success.

Here’s a YouTube video of Giusi Ferreri singing Non ti scordar mai di me (Don’t You Forget About Me). See what you think:

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As to how long Ferreri’s time at the top will last, well, this may depend on Amy Winehouse managing to overcome her little problems.

In the meantime though, former supermarket check out girl Giusi Ferreri will be able to enjoy her moment of glory.

Luckily, Ferreri, unlike Winehouse, does not appear so far to have succumbed to the temptation of hard drugs.

There is an unofficial Italian website devoted to Giusi Ferreri – Guisyferreri.com

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