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Videos of Flooding in Milan, Italy

Anti-Berlusconi protest in Milan, Italy

It bucketed it down last night here in Milan, Italy. The rain was literally noisy, thought at around one in the morning not that many people would have heard it. Then again, maybe it woke a few people up.

When the rain attempts to deposit the contents of nearby Lake Como and Lake Maggiore on Milan, the city floods. The mysterious Seveso river which someone covered over years ago, breaks its hidden banks, only it does so vertically and the force of the water can be so great it literally pops manhole covers. Gushing fountains appear in the midst of roads and apartment blocks end up as islands.

Here, after the ads – the videos are from the website of Italian newspaper, Il Fatto Quotidiano – are some views of Milan under water.

Milan Floods – Video One

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Milan Floods, Video Two – with puddle jumper!

Wet, isn’t it?
It has stopped raining – for now!

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