Summer Sales Kick Off in Italy

Cappelleria Melegari Via Paolo Sarpi, Milan, Italy

It’s summer sale time in Italy. From today, bargain hunters will be able to pick up summer clothes, shoes, and more at knock-down prices in shops throughout Italy.

The time has come for Italy’s fashion stores to rid themselves of summer wear so they can make space for the autumn and winter collections.

Unless you are a fashion victim who has to have latest designer gear, now is a good time to go do some shopping. Ladies who love shoes will have lots of fun. As for the guys, polo shrts, shorts and even lightweight summer suits can be found at reasonable prices at this time of the year.

My favourite hat shop in Milan may well have a few interesting cut price summer hats for hat fans, I’m sure.

Cappelleria Melegari Via Paolo Sarpi, Milan, Italy
Cappelleria Melegari Via Paolo Sarpi, Milan, Italy – a hat lovers paradise!

Deep Discounts

During sale time, discounts can be 50% or more in certain shops and you may well be able to pick up three shirts or blouses for the price of two in some places. Make sure the shirts fit though, returns and refunds are not always possible during sale time – and don’t lose that receipt (make sure you are given one too).

While most of the goods on offer at low prices will be clothes, shoes and the like, other shops drop prices on a whole range of products. Indeed, now is a good time to check whether that certain something you wanted which was a little too expensive when you last looked is now at a more affordable price. Tablet time?

Italy’s government is expecting Italians to rush out and spend at least part of their €80 a month tax rebates. Whether they will remains to be seen but many Italians will pick up bits and bobs for the forthcoming August holidays.

Time to go shopping! Now is not a bad time for a long weekend in one of Italy’s cities and Italy has lovely shops everywhere.

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