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The Caste

For quite a while now Italy’s politicians have been referred to as the “Caste”.  Their privileges and pay are legendary, as is their inability to assist Italy in achieving its full potential.

All the perks and benefits of Italy’s honourable ladies and gentlemen, which have been revealed from time to time in Italy’s mainstream press, are now being shown to the Italian-speaking world via Facebook.

An individual who claims to be an ex-central government employee has been posting information on all the benefits Italy’s caste enjoy.  It’s no wonder that Italy’s members of parliament are reluctant to come up with and agree to the reform of a system which generates a life-style only the privileges few can enjoy.

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Stop reading, start speaking

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The writer of the Facebook page goes by the name of Spider Truman and he, she or they are being hunted.  Mr Truman is on a “most wanted” list. Perhaps “Truman” should be “Trumen”, or even “Truwomen”, for it is possible that there is more than one person behind the Facebook page which is telling all Italy just how much money goes down the plughole in the name of keeping Italy’s parliamentarians happy.

Despite what Italy’s prime minister has been claiming, Italians are suffering.  Finding a job is not at all easy for young people – unless they want to work in a call-centre, and even then, the work contracts on offer are short term and do not tend to be renewed or transformed into permanent work contracts after a certain number of renewals.  This situation is worrying Italy’s young.

But it’s not only Italy’s younger generations who worry about their future.  Italy’s businesses seem to be strapped for cash too – I, and others I know, have encountered this.  Maybe it’s just that Italy’s businesses are reluctant to spend.  Something is not right – and the blame for this is being laid at the door of Italy’s political classes or “caste”.

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