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While dropping off our little one at the day nursery today I was involved in the elimination of a large cockroach within said nursery. One of the nursery staff started screaming and lunging at the beast with a broom, but it was yours truly who administered the coup de grace, with my foot. These beasts are surprisingly resistant to being swatted and you can only really be sure that you have finished the things off when you hear a crunch. Yuck!

Cockroaches are quite an everyday part of life here, and in fact before coming to this sunny land, I had never seen one in the flesh. Yes, I know they are associated with dirt and uncleanliness, but for some reason they do thrive here, despite the fact that many Italians maintain a level of cleanliness in their homes which would not disgrace an operating theatre.

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The odd thing is that the nursery had been ‘de-infested’ at the weekend, although the bug bashing had, I understand, been aimed at an equally yucky but different beast, the head louse.

I don’t know, maybe the roach had moved in after the opposition had been eliminated. You get rid of a louse and end up with a roach. A bit like what his happening in general elections all over the world at the moment, is it not? Or am I just being paranoid?!

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