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Pink Spring Blossoms in Milan

Spring Blossoms in Milan Italy

Springtime in Milan, Italy is a time of stunning pink flower blossoms, as I think the photographs here I took this Sunday in early April show.

Aside from running great distances, people were even eating outside today. It was not that warm initially, but then it warmed up – leaving me with a sun reddened face.

Seeing that the weather looked promising, I duly armed myself with my Canon and photographed a few of the blossoms which are heralding an end to the winter and brightening up the city no end.

Here are some of the photographs I took today.

First, a blossom with the statues atop Milan’s Arco della Pace in the background:

Springtime blossoming in Milan, Italy
Springtime Blossoming in Milan

Springtime flowers:

Spring flowers in Milan
Spring flowers in Milan
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More blossoms. These splendid pink blossoms were to be found in a street close to Milan’s Arco della Pace arch:

Springtime buds in Milan
Springtime buds in Milan

Last, but not least in this pink spring series, more pink blossoms brightening up Milan:

Pink spring blossoms in Milan to blow away those winter blues
Pink spring blossoms in Milan to blow away those winter blues

You’ll find blossoms all over Milan. Sometimes they are in unexpected places, but come as a welcome surprise.

Today’s bout of spring weather after what proved to be a rather long and seemingly never ending winter, coupled with one of Milan’s anti-smog traffic bans, plus the annual Milan marathon, encouraged quite a few people to take advantage of the weather and take to Milan’s pleasant Sempione Park. By the way, Milan’s marathon attracted over 13,000 entrants this year.

Early springtime is a good time for those who like photography to come to Milan!


All photographs by Alex Roe.

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