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Italy’s Matteo Renzi Interviewed in English

I’d heard on the grapevine that the spoken English of Italy’s Prime Minister designate Matteo Renzi was not too strong. Well, after having seen the video below, Mr Renzi’s English does not seem too bad. However, the second video here, and one shot more recently than the first, indicates that Italy’s Prime Minister’s English is not that hot.

I should add that while it is probably very useful for Mr Renzi to know English, and other languages, well, I don’t think it is essential even if Mr Renzi himself may disagree with me. Within his 100 proposals for Italy, you see, is teaching Italians better English.

One of the questions Mr Renzi is asked is whether Italy should stay in the Eurozone. For his answer, you’ll have to watch the video.


His level of fluency seems quite high, though I have no idea how much preparation was required for this interview. I’d say Mr Renzi is probably thinking in Italian.

The More Recent Example of Renzinglish

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Stop reading, start speaking

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More recently, there’s this example of Italy’s premier’s English language skills which has raised eyebrows here in Italy.

Have a listen for yourself and, if you like, give Renzi marks out of 10 for his English:

P.S. Mr Renzi is attempting to put together a new dream-team government for Italy (Update: has now done so) . The process, however, is turning out to be something of a nightmare. Despite the problems, it is being reported that the composition of Italy’s new cabinet should be made public this coming Saturday.

Once the new team is known, Mr Renzi will forge ahead with reforms designed to create jobs, maybe reduce taxation and he’s going to have a look at how to trim Italy’s reams of red tape down to more manageable levels. Look as if he’s got his work cut out for him. Good luck Mr Renzi!

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