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Italy Chronicles brings you regular stories about Italy – stories that help you discover interesting areas of Italy to visit, wines to try, plus places to eat and stay in Italy, as well as news, views and stories about life in Italy.

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Well, in days gone by, you probably paid for your daily newspaper and bought a magazine or two as well. Websites, just like their print relatives, cost money to produce and maintain. A small contribution from a lot of people really can make a big difference.

If you want good quality articles, you have to pay people to write them. This is precisely what Italy Chronicles wants to do. Reading Italy Chronicles will never cost as much as a print newspaper or magazine, because the ‘printing’ is digital. What this means is that this site doesn’t need a printing works, nor does it eat trees. And you can read it from wherever there’s an internet connection. You can also search Italy Chronicles to find that interesting article you read a while back – try doing that with a print magazine or newspaper! Not only that, but articles are undated – once again, this is impossible for printed publications to do.

You probably buy apps for your tablet or smart phone. In a way, Italy Chronicles is a kind of app, and costs around the same too and it’s updated more frequently than many apps.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Recently added sections and features include:

  • Property for sale in Italy pages
  • A weather in Italy section
  • Italy quizzes to help everyone learn more about lots of different aspects of Italy
  • An enhanced map system

The number of articles will increase as the number of subscribers grows. Your contribution will help fund more articles.

If you are already a regular reader, you will know that Italy Chronicles is one of very few English language websites which covers and analyses aspects of Italian news and politics in any detail.

A happy reader commented that Italy Chronicles is better than Italy’s RAI international television service.

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Italy Chronicles also wants to help Italy reach its full potential and with enough funding, it will participate in cultural initiatives and overseas trade fairs to help give Italian businesses, products and services greater visibility. If you agree that this is something which needs doing, you can help make it happen by taking out a subscription.

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By raising money, Italy Chronicles can, if enough people help fund it, start commissioning articles and paying authors, which is something I, Alex Roe, the founder and principal author of this web site, have wanted to do for quite a while.

Many thanks in advance.

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