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How to Find a List of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy

Italy has an almost endless number of beautiful villages.  Many are unspoiled medieval villages situated on hilltops, others are dotted along Italy’s coastline, and some are tucked away in Italy’s many mountainous corners.  The choice is nothing short of bewildering.  Luckily there is a list.

Someone has thoughtfully created a list of Italy’s most beautiful villages and it can be found over on a website called ‘I Borghi Più Belli D’Italia’.

This official website set up by the National Association of Italian Municipalities, from which one can also purchase an 800 page guide in English to the huge number of beautiful villages of Italy, is addictive.

The website is easy to use too.

At a pinch, one could use this site when one is already here in Italy on holiday.  Indeed, both before and during an Italy trip it will help you to put together quite a number of day trips, and if you travel to Italy to look for houses for sale, you might well find the location of your dream house in amongst all the villages listed.

Five of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy

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Here is a very brief list from I Borghi Più Belli D’Italia of five of Italy’s most beautiful villages which caught my little eye:

I virtually picked the five listed above at random.  There are many, many more gorgeous spots; enough, I would say, to keep you coming back to Italy for years to come!  And you’ll find interesting food and wine in all of the villages mentioned on the i Borghi Più Belli d’Italia site.  Local events, folklore, and traditions are mentioned on the site too.  The English is generally pretty good.

You will also find one of the villages I have visited listed – Montone, in Umbria, which I found spellbinding.  See my Prosecco – better than Champagne! post for a little more on magical Montone, and Prosecco!

Start Your Virtual Trip

Go take a look at i Borghi Più Belli d’Italia.  To kick thinks off, all you have to do is to visit this page, which we’ll call the Visit the Villages section, where you will find a bright red map of Italy.  Simply hover your mouse over one of Italy’s 20 odd regions, and you’ll see a pop up list of beautiful villages in that region.  Then just click on one of the names of the villages and you will be taken to a section of the site with some information and, more importantly, a few photographs of the beautiful village of you decide to take a virtual look at.  If this site does not inspire a few people to come to Italy, then I do not know what will.

I don’t think you will be disappointed with i Borghi Più Belli d’Italia, but don’t come back here to blame me for the fact that you ended up wasting a whole afternoon, or longer, as a result of exploring this fascinating list of many of Italy’s most beautiful villages.

The fascinating i Borghi Più Belli d’Italia website certainly qualifies as a Good Italian Thing, and it lists an awful lot of great Italian places.

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