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Fatal Shooting in Central Milan

Yesterday evening, an execution-style killing in central Milan by scooter bound assassins left a 43 year old man and his companion dead.

The couple’s one year old daughter survived the attack during which the masked killers exploded seven shots according to reports in various Italian newspapers.

Initially, it was reported that only the man had been killed, now reports are saying his companion has died too.  Indeed, more recent reports say that the woman, who came from the Dominican Republic, was killed first.

Additional details are still limited, though more information is now emerging.  The dead man was an entrepreneur who worked in the pharmaceutical field and did not have a criminal record.

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It appears as if the double murder may be linked to drugs.  A small quantity of cocaine was found in the home of the couple.  There are also reports that although the man had little cash in his bank account, he led an expensive lifestyle, travelling widely and eating in costly restaurants.

Via Muratori, the street in which the killings occurred, is in a central area of Milan and has restaurants and bars. It is a busy area of the city.

Shootings, such as yesterday’s, are very rare in Milan.  This fact has not prevented one politician from accusing Milan’s Mayor Pisapia of not paying enough attention to the safety of Milan’s citizens.

It is not yet known whether the incident was caught on CCTV.


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