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Spread Beer on Your Toast

This could be the news beer lovers around the world have been waiting for – spreadable beer!  Yes, beer you can spread on toast, or on whatever else you might like to spread beer on.  And it’s been invented in Italy.

Web magazine all about Italy, ItalyMag.co.uk has just run article about this new spreadable beer which was created in Italy.  Spreadable beer?! I had to know more.

According to its makers, the spreads, go well with cheese or can be used as a filling for cakes. There are two versions of the beer spread – one with a light flavor and another with a more intense flavor.

Birra Alta Quota - Omid Beer
Birra Alta Quota – Omid Beer

Presented at Turin’s Salone del Gusto food fair, the sweet beer based spreads ( made with 40% beer) is the product of a joint venture between Rieti chocolate-maker Napoleone and the Alta Quota brewery.  The spreads generated quite a bit of interest at the Turin food fair.  The toast of the food fair, maybe.

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Two of Alta Quota’s beers were used to create the spreadable beer: Omid dark ale and Greta blond ale.

Where can this spreadable beer be found?  Well, I was curious to know, so I gave the Alta Quota brewery a call.  According to Emanuela Laurenzi, anyone who wants a jar or two of the beer spreads, can email an order to [email protected]

Jars of the beer spreads, remember there are two versions, cost €7.50 excluding delivery.  Discounts are available for orders from restaurants and shops.  You could also order a few bottles of Alta Quota’s beers at the same time, maybe.

These interesting beer spreads sound as if they would make interesting Christmas gifts for beer lovers around the world.

Get that toaster on!  These new beer spreads sound like an excellent idea.  And, of course, you’ll want to wash down your beer on toast with a few glasses of liquid beer, I’m sure.   Alta Quota beer, perhaps?

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