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Golden nose

The late Gianni Agnelli, the former boss of FIAT, had a bit of a reputation for having gone over the top in his younger days with his cocaine habit. He snorted the evil powder so much that, so the story goes, most of his nasal passages had been re-constructed in gold.

Sadly, the temption of this rather dubious and dangerous passtime of the rich nearly cost the grandson of the famous Golden nose his life, although the incident is being played down by the Agnelli family, as you might expect. You can read about this incident here.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

It's odd how drugs seem to cause problems for either the poorest or richest elements of our society. Even Kate Moss seems to have found the temptation of a few too many snorts too great. For some, having too much money would appear to be as problematic as having too little.

As for me, I'll stick to my multiple and far less costly and dangerous doses of good old Italian coffee.

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Apparently a Turkish aircraft which hijacked by possibly Islamic terrorists has landed in Brindisi in the south of Italy.  Two Turks

Italy, Viareggio, Train Crash and Explosion

This rail disaster occurred last night in Viareggio, a coastal town in central Italy not too far from Genoa, and reports are coming in that up to 16 people may have been killed as a result of the derailment of a goods train and subsequent explosion of a number of liquefied petroleum gas tanks the train was carrying.


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Four Four Two

UPDATE: Free Beer! After having a chat with Alessandro, the landlord, today, he agreed to offer readers of this blog the first two pints of beer ordered for the price of one. Not bad, eh?

Berlusconi Tightens His Grip

Italy’s regional election results are in. Silvio Berlusconi and his ally, Umberto Bossi have cause for celebration. Italy’s right led by inimitable Mr Media Berlusconi has claimed a victory which in times of hardship, and in the face of endless sleaze and corruption scandals, has surprised some in Italy.