Articles on trips around Italy to places like Le Cinque Terre, ski resorts, Tuscany, Venice and Rome, as well as information on restaurants in Italy

Up In Gran Paradiso with the Church

The Waterfall at the Gran Paradiso Camp site, Italy

For the next two weeks I'm up in Italy's spectacular Alps in the Gran Paradiso national park along with my son, a bunch of other children and Don Mario, the priest who arranges annual trips up to this area of Italy. How did the trip come about? Well, schools out in Italy until September so my son … [Read more...]

The Top Ten Best Hotels in Rome – May 2014

Rome by Night by Di Mackey

Maybe you are thinking about visiting romantic Rome in Italy this year. If so, it would come as no surprise. Italy's Eternal city is well worth visiting as there is plenty to see too. Then there's all that great Italian food, wine, and even beer, to sample. If you are indeed thinking seeing Rome, … [Read more...]

Showing Off Italy’s Piazzas by Video

Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Italy

Someone drew my attention to a video showing off Italy's lovely piazzas via Twitter. I watched it and I liked it a lot and the music which accompanies it is great too, well I think so. Long ago I was a trumpet player, so I'll admit to a bit of bias. Trumpet? Piazza? Watch the video! "Piazze … [Read more...]