Milan’s Facelifted Canal Port


The Darsena of Milan, formerly the city's canal port, has recently been given a facelift. Situated in Milan's naviglio canal area, the former port has been transformed from something of an eyesore into an additional attraction for this area of Milan famous for its nightlife, and mosquitoes. I … [Read more...]

Milan Expo 2015 – What To Expect


The Milan Expo is on until the end of October and here are a couple of videos to give you, if you'll excuse the pun, a flavour of this foodie event extraordinaire. I've also included a few tips to help you get the most out of the Expo experience and maybe even save you a little money as … [Read more...]

See The Spectacular Riace Bronzes

Riace Bronzes, photo by Karen Haid

Reggio Calabria is home to an extraordinary pair of 2,500-year-old, life-sized bronze statues. In Italian, they’re called “I Bronzi di Riace” or are referred to simply enough as “I Bronzi”—The Bronzes. They are, to use an Italian word, unico—unique, unparalleled, one of a kind. No, make that two of … [Read more...]