Articles on trips around Italy to places like Le Cinque Terre, ski resorts, Tuscany, Venice and Rome, as well as information on restaurants in Italy

See The Spectacular Riace Bronzes

Riace Bronzes, photo by Karen Haid

Reggio Calabria is home to an extraordinary pair of 2,500-year-old, life-sized bronze statues. In Italian, they’re called “I Bronzi di Riace” or are referred to simply enough as “I Bronzi”—The Bronzes. They are, to use an Italian word, unico—unique, unparalleled, one of a kind. No, make that two of … [Read more...]

See Majestic Venice from Above

Here's a visual delight for one's eyes - filmed from the air, it is a virtual panoramic tour of Venice in Italy and it shows this enchanting city in all its considerable glory. The tour, by non-commercial panoramic and 360° video and photography specialists, AirPano, is superb! Well, I think so … [Read more...]

Have You Visited Orvieto in Italy?

You may well want to visit Orvieto after seeing this interactive 3D aerial panorama by AirPano which, personally, I think is fabulous. As a result of seeing it, I think I'll pay a visit to Orvieto in 2015. As you will see, aside from Orvieto itself and its stunning cathedral, the surrounding … [Read more...]

Yes, You Can Go Skiing in Sicily

Etna Sud - Nicolosi ski map

Not only can you ski in Sicily, but you might be surprised to hear that there are three ski resorts on this lovely island in the south Mediterranean. You may be a little less surprised, and possibly slightly concerned, to hear that two of Sicily's ski resorts lie on the slopes of the Mount Etna … [Read more...]