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Chaos on the Horizon for Italy?

There are noises in Italy's press that after Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia party's very poor showing in recent regional elections - Mr Berlusconi's party was beaten by the Lega Nord - Silvio Berlusconi is considering ending his Nazarenzo pact with Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Whether … [Read more...]

Fix it Again Tony – a Fun Fiat ad

This is a fun. Fiat making fun of itself using the old "fix it again Tony" jibe. Did Tony fix it? He sure did! And the new Fiat 500x, a kind of Fiat 500 on steroids doesn't look at all bad either. Fiat should sell truckloads of the things. Like the color too. But first, do watch this … [Read more...]

Will a Drone Kill the Pope?

Security around Pope Francis is being tightened as fears of an assassination attempt grow, or so Italian daily Il Corriere della Sera reported today. If an attack on the Pope were to be made, the worry is that it could be carried out by a drone. Not one of those huge Predator drones used to take … [Read more...]