Earthquake Hits Macerata Area of Italy

UPDATE: 30 October, 2016 – Another strong earthquake, magnitude of on 6.5 Mw scale, hit the same area today. Aftershocks, some over 4.o (ML – Richter scale) in magnitude, are continuing. Italy’s media is reporting that buildings have collapsed in the area. The church of St. Benedict in Norcia is no more. Rescuers are at […]

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake in Le Marche Region of Italy

Damage Caused by the Modena Area Earthquakes

Last night, or rather, in the early hours of Sunday morning, two earthquakes shook the Ancona and Macerata areas of Italy’s Le Marche region. Despite scaring many in the area out of their wits, the two tremors do not appear to have caused injuries or damage to buildings. Checks are being carried out to confirm […]

Earthquake in Fivizzano area of Tuscany, Italy

Today, a little after 12:30pm Italian time, a 5.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Fivizzano – Massa area of north Tuscany in Italy. UPDATE: 17:18 – Tremors in the area are continuing. After the 5.2 earthquake, two more of 4.0 were registered along with a swarm of other tremors which are continuing as I write. Civil […]

Earthquake near Lucca in Tuscany

For information on the earthquake in Italy on 26 October, 2016, please see this article: Earthquake Hits Macerata Area of Italy ——————————- A few minutes ago via twitter I was told by one of my followers in Pistoia that Florence and Pisa had been rattled by an earthquake. A quick search revealed that a magnitude 4.8 […]

Earthquake Hits Pollino Area of South Italy

Last night a magnitude 5.0 earthquake hit the Pollino national park area the Calabria region of southern Italy last night. People took to the streets and one elderly person died of a heart attack. Damage to buildings has occurred and tremors are continuing. Mormanno, at town in the Cosenza province appears to have felt the […]

Sentencing Earthquake Scientists: An Unjust and Unjustified Court Decision in Italy

Damage Caused by the Modena Area Earthquakes

A court in L’Aquila, a town in Italy’s Abruzzo region badly hit by an earthquake in April 2009, found Italy’s Serious Risks Commission guilty of providing “inaccurate, incomplete and contradictory” information on the risk of a major earthquake occurring.  In other words, the commission did not cry wolf. The commission, made up of some of Italy’s most respected […]

Earthquake in the Ravenna Area of Italy

This morning at 6:08am, a magnitude 4.5 earthquake occurred in the Ravenna area of Italy.  There are no reports of loss of life or injuries, but some masonry was dislodged from buildings. The latest earthquake was felt in Rimini and Venice to the north.  The tremor was also felt in the Marche region and Abruzzo […]

What’s Behind the Modena Area Earthquakes?

Damage Caused by the Modena Area Earthquakes

The area around Modena and Mantua in Italy has been hit my many hundreds of earth tremors and several sizable earthquakes in recent weeks. Although Italy is a seismically active country, the Modena area earthquakes have taken many by surprise because the zone was not considered to be a high risk area.  Well, that has […]

Earthquakes in Milan and Modena

A few minutes ago the earth started shaking in Milan.  Via Twitter reports are coming through of a magnitude 5.8 Richter scale earthquake with its epicenter in the already earthquake damaged areas around Modena in Italy. The tremor I felt in Milan started just after 9:00 am this morning and was not that strong but […]