Italy’s Less Corrupt Indicates Transparency International Report

Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index 2016 is out. Italy is one place higher than it was in 2015. It was in 61st place and in the 2016 CPI, Italy is in 60th place. This means Italy is the third most corrupt European Union member nation. The two EU nations that are an even more corrupt than Italy are […]

Here’s How Italy Could Combat Corruption

Corruption within the European Union

That Italy has a bit of a problem with corruption is well known. Transparency International ranked Italy in 61st place out of 168 nations in its 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index. The Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) in its recent Fourth Round Evaluation Report on Italy noted that while Italy was improving, it still […]

The Elimination of the Mayor of Rome

It took a while, but eventually, Mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino was pressured into to hand in his resignation. Mr Marino appears to have been removed because he was far too efficient at removing the extensive rot that had permeated the administration of Rome. That Rome was being run badly had been noted by the Roma Fa Schifo blog which contains endless […]

The Effects of Corruption in Italy

Italy’s financial police have been digging into how public money in Italy is spent, as reported by Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera today. What they discovered is that substantial amounts of public money are not so much spent as squandered, or simply stolen. Such are the effects of corruption in Italy. Corruption, wasteful spending, and embezzlement cost […]

Bribery Methods in Italy – a Guide

Corruption within the European Union

Italy is very slowly, but not so surely, acknowledging that it has a corruption problem. Bribery is rife and the systems employed to pay bribes are highly ingenious too. There’s even the iBribe, would you believe? Really, Italy has known about its corruption problem for a long time but has been highly reluctant to do much about […]

Italy’s Cooperative Corruption Scandal

After the Milan Expo 2015, Venice MOSE, Rome mafia, and Incalza affairs, at the center of the latest corruption scandal to break the surface in Italy are the nation’s cooperatives. It all started after arrests took place in connection with a probe into the activity of Modena area cooperative, Cpl Concordia, a colossus which has ties to the scenic Italian island […]

Italy’s Ethically Challenged Minister Goes

After much bleating, Italy’s infrastructure minister Maurizio Lupi eventually, and rather reluctantly, resigned. Mr Lupi is embroiled in a massive corruption scandal though is not, yet, under investigation for alleged wrongdoing. Mr Incalza, his chum and the man at the center of a huge web of corruption surrounding the allocation of public works contracts, most of which involved sky […]

Italy’s Ethically Challenged Infrastructure Minister Won’t Go

Italy’s infrastructure minister, Maurizio Lupi, despite being caught up in the midst of a massive corruption scandal, is staunchly refusing to resign. While he’s not under investigation for any wrongdoing – yet – he’s been linked to one Ercole Incalza, a big wig public servant who’s been arrested on corruption charges and who is currently languishing […]

Beppe Grillo has Destroyed Italy’s Democratic Party

Italy’s mainstream media appears to be ignoring the embarrassing revelation made by one of the allegedly high ranking members of the newly uncovered Rome mafia. Well, no real surprise, Italy’s “state” media does tend to stick to reporting establishment friendly items and reporting that Beppe Grillo’s 5 Star Movement has destroyed Italy’s pseudo-left leaning Partito Democratico (PD) – Democratic […]