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Get Portable Power Anywhere With an Anker Astro

A while back, I met up with one of Italy Chronicles’ readers in Bergamo. As usual, I was carrying my smart phones – I had two, a Blackberry and an Apple iPhone 4. As the day wore on, both smart phones started to run out of juice and there was nowhere to plug their chargers in. Problem seeing as I need to make a few calls.

Luckily though, my blog reader had a small external power pack and he kindly allowed my to use it to give the batteries of both my smart phones a much needed boost. I also remembered the times I’ve been stuck on Italian trains – some of which don’t have power-points – and how worried I became that I wouldn’t be able to make a call to get someone to pick my son up from school. A minor emergency, I know, but with a battery pack, I would not have had to worry.

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Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

I wanted my own external battery pack! After doing some research on the web, I came across Anker – the maker of a wide range of reasonably priced, well reviewed external battery packs. I opted for a 13,000mAh model. Not only was the capacity high enough to let me charge two mobile phones at the same time, and charge them more then once, it also has a handy built in torch. I am very pleased with my purchase. The Anker 13,000mAh model actually turned out to be cheaper than two much lower capacity models by a different manufacturer.

My Anker goes wherever I go and it’s proved very useful plenty of times. For frequent travellers, or those visiting Italy and touring power-point free sights such as Rome’s Coliseum of the ruins of Pompei, a portable power pack would prove very handy indeed. Not only can these power packs charge smart phones over and over again, they can also keep your tablet topped up too.


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